Sam Hinkie: Asset Aficionado

Sam Hinkie

It’s only been a little over a year since Sam Hinkie took over as General Manager of the Philadelphia 76ers, but the number of assets in possession of the Sixers has multiplied tremendously.

After the recent Thaddeus Young trade, I decided to illustrate via flowcharts the work that Sam has done with the few valuable assets that this team had when he stepped in. Many of the returns have yet to play, or are still in the form of future draft picks, but the amount of promise and potential in some of the current pieces in undeniable.

Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner, Spencer Hawes, Lavoy Allen, and Thaddeus Young are gone. Below is what Sam Hinkie & Co. flipped them into. Given that four of those five names were expiring contracts at the time of the trade, and also not very good, it is very impressive.

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